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The FMJD was founded in 1947 by four federations, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland. Its main purpose was to regulate the competition on the world championship. Though from 1897 onwards world champions had been proclaimed, between France and the Netherlands, the growth of the number of countries and the desire to have a more regular competition gave rise to this international organization. From this early start, the FMJD grew to close to fifty participating national federations it has at present. Recently the FMJD has become a member of GAISF, the General Association of International Sport Federations, the umbrella organization for all internationally recognized sports, Olympic and - in the case of draughts - non Olympic. As such, the FMJD membership (and that of the FIDE and WBF (bridge) is part of a more general movement towards integration of mind sports in the regular sports arenas, a development that in the vision of the FMJD is to be lauded. 
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The idea of founding European Draughts Confederation emerged in mid-1990s. The main reason was the willingness to organize club games in Europe. 

First unofficial meetings of the members of European Draughts Confederation took place in October 1997 in Poland during Women’s World Championship and in December 1997 in Stadskanaal, the Netherlands during Challenge Mondial. After these initial talks, actions were taken to put the plans into practice.
On 13 August 1998 in Tallinn, Estonia representatives of 12 European federations met and brought EDC into existence officially.

Already next year the official draughts calendar was considerably widened. Beside European Championships, which already had their tradition, Women’s European Championships were started. European Club Championships, which are held regularly, always bring together the greatest draughts players. EDC did not forget about the youth. In 1999, the first Youth European Championships were held with 98 draughts players. During the last few years, the number of competitors has been around 200 and the number is increasing year by year.
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